Educational programmes

Each and every child develops and learns in a very unique way making their journey personal.

Here at Christmas Cottage Nursery we value and promote this unique personal journey and exclusively provide a learning environment which supports individuals. This is achieved by our team being well qualified, having better than average adult to child ratios while providing the exclusivity of only twelve places per day. Each child has their own learning profile in which their development is recorded, ensuring that their own individual needs are exceeded.

By providing the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum we can guide every child through each stage of development from early sensory exploration to personal, social and emotional development, through the prime and specific areas of learning, all the way to their first day of school.

We believe in the importance of building solid foundations for children's future education by instilling a passion for learning through exploration, discovery and investigation. A rich and responsive curriculum is designed for children to develop and extend their learning, while individual developmental objectives are planned for, making their learning personal and unique.

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